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Immutable State, Reducers, and the Clerk at the DMV Office

Posted on January, 2021

As you progress through your journey into learning React, you will eventually come across what may seem to be a paradox, the classic question of "what happens when an unstoppable force meets an…

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Handling State in a React App

Posted on December, 2020

I don't do well when I am put on the spot and under pressure to get the answer right... which has led to my fair share of bombed job interviews. But yesterday on an interview, I was put on the spot…

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Scalability: Your Future Self Will Thank You

Posted on September, 2020

You're the new guy on the team and you're finished with onboarding. You take on your first assignment: add a feature, modify an existing feature... whatever. But as you dig into the code, you can see…

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Using Emmet with React in Visual Studio Code - 2019

Posted on March, 2019

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Welcome To My Web Developer Blog

Posted on August, 2018

This blog template was designed for web developers. Whether you're a professional web developer or are just getting started in the world of web development, this Gatsby starter is ready to go, right…

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