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Full PHP 7.4 Support in D7.71


Drupal 7.71, released a couple weeks ago, has arrived with a significant update - full support for PHP 7.4! This is a game-changer for Drupal 7 users.

Full Support for PHP 7.4

One of the major highlights of Drupal 7.71 is its full support for PHP 7.4. This means that Drupal 7 users can now fully benefit from the enhancements and improvements that come with the latest PHP version. This support brings better performance, security, and features to Drupal 7 sites. It's a significant step forward for those still on this version of Drupal, and it's great to see the developers continuing to improve the platform.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to PHP 7.4 support, Drupal 7.71 includes several bug fixes and small API/feature improvements. While there are no major or non-backwards-compatible changes, these updates help to ensure that Drupal 7 remains a reliable and secure platform for its users.

Now, let's move on to that "favorite" topic of mine: jQuery. This release also addresses a jQuery bug that affected AJAX requests over HTTPS in Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome 83.

A Quick Rant on Obsolete Technologies

jQuery, once the darling of the web development world, now feels like a relic of the past. As web development has evolved and modern frameworks have emerged, jQuery has struggled to keep up. It's time for developers to let go of this old crutch and embrace more modern and efficient tools. Talking to you Drupal!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it - Drupal 7.71 brings PHP 7.4 support to the forefront, providing much-needed updates for users still on this version. As for jQuery, the bug fix is welcome, but it's high time we start thinking about a future without it. Until that day comes, let's enjoy the PHP 7.4 support and continue to push for more innovation in the world of web development.